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“June 14, 2013 was the amazing day that I know will change the rest of my life – the day I had my iLASIK procedure at Spivack Vision Center. I had been thinking about LASIK for many years, but I was worried about different aspects of the procedure. I have a connective tissue disorder, so I wanted to be sure that the surgery would be precise and that there would be minimal risk of complications that could affect healing.”

– Cynthia Severson




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Eric Archer — Professional Skier (Vail, Colorado)

“I’d been competing in alpine ski races while wearing contacts for the past 9 years, but they never worked well for me. The contacts would sometimes pop out at speeds where excellent vision is critical. When I heard about Spivack Vision Center and LASIK, I knew it was the right choice for me. My first race after the procedure, I had my best finish ever on the World Pro Tour.”

Susan Morrison — 4th Grade School Teacher (Highlands Ranch, Colorado)

“I started wearing glasses in the 3rd grade. With 20/400 vision and a strong astigmatism, I felt completely helpless without my glasses. I tried contacts, but they never felt comfortable. I finally made an appointment for LASIK and now, after more than 20 years, I finally got my vision back!”

Larry Walker — Colorado Rockies All-Star Outfielder (Denver, Colorado)

“I chose Dr. Spivack to do my procedure because I knew he was the best. My vision has greatly improved since having LASIK. A first class job by first class people. I recommend visiting Spivack Vision Center if you have any doubts about your vision.”

Katherine Ridenhour — Professional Firefighter (Aurora, Colorado)

“As a firefighter, being able to see can mean the difference between life and death. The last thing I need to worry about was losing a contact lens while fighting a fire. Having LASIK seemed the obvious solution. Within a few hours of having the procedure, I was seeing better than 20/20.”

Tom Kite — PGA Golfer (Austin, Texas)

“Before I had LASIK, I was constantly hassling with my Coke-bottle glasses – especially on rainy days. I knew I wanted LASIK, but good vision is my livelihood. I had to make sure that I chose one of the most experienced surgeons in the country. I couldn’t have made a better choice than Dr. Spivack.”