We’re more than just a LASIK center

As an extension of Omni Eye Specialists, our full-service practice is designed to take care of ALL of our patients’ diverse eye care needs.

Our Team of

As the only LASIK center in Denver that has been around for over 30 years, our surgeons have the experience you can trust. In addition, our doctors and medical technicians are extensively trained and skilled, and our surgeons are not only board-certified but fellowship trained as well.

Our Advanced Technology

We use the most advanced Blade Free, All-Laser Custom LASIK technology available – the same platform approved by all branches of the military.

Our State-Of-The-Art Facility

We feature a controlled and"medically clean" laser center, where air quality, temperature, and humidity are carefully monitored.

Our Lifetime Commitment

Who you choose to trust for LASIK is a delicate matter, and we want to ensure you enjoy a lifetime of the best possible vision. That's why Spivack Vision Center offers our Exclusive LASIK Lifetime Commitment for every patient!

Under our Exclusive LASIK Lifetime Commitment, the doctors of Spivack Vision Center will perform medically appropriate LASIK enhancements should they be necessary with no vision restrictions, and no time restrictions. This means you will enjoy clear, natural vision for years to come!

As a part of the Lifetime Commitment, you will be required to have annual eye exams for the health of your eyes. For your convenience, these annual eye exams may be performed by your own optometrist.